Back to Work: Redefining Employee Engagement

By: John Blattner, PhD, RYT200

Edited by: Elizabeth Conlisk

Editor’s Note: This is a reprint of an article originally published in July 2020. It continues to be relevant.

John Blattner (no relation) has been my friend, colleague, mentor, and coach for almost twenty years…

The Best Part

Treat your Business as a Startup — Closing a Deal

By: Simon J Blattner

Edited by: Elizabeth Conlisk

Editor’s note: I’m privileged to present content from Simon Blattner, my Dad, one of the best sellers and closers I know. We share the same name, but Dad’s skills at selling and…

By Simon J Blattner, III and Elizabeth Conlisk

This article was originally published in May 2020. You’ll find it still relevant today.

You’re not alone if you wonder what will happen to your business when Governors start lifting stay at home orders.

Do you open? Stay closed indefinitely? Shutter permanently?

Simon Blattner

Simon (Buddy) Blattner is president of GLSB, Inc., a consultancy for small and medium-sized companies with growth problems.

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